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Application field of electronic stamping parts in Suzhou press parts

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Application field of electronic stamping parts in Suzhou press parts
Application field of electronic stamping parts:
1, auto and other industrial parts stamping. It is mainly punching and cutting. Many of these companies are classified as standard parts factories, and there are also some independent stamping factories. At present, there are many such small factories around some auto factories or tractor factories.
2, special stamping enterprises. For example, the stamping of aviation parts belongs to this type of enterprise, but these craft factories are also classified as large factories.
3, electronic stamping factory. This type of plant is a new industry that has developed with the development of electrical appliances. This part of the factory is mainly concentrated in the South.
4, daily necessities stamping factory. Do some crafts, cutlery, etc., these factories have also made great progress in recent years.
5, home appliance parts stamping factory. These factories are in my home appliances after the development of the emergence, most of the distribution in home appliances enterprises.
6, the car industry stamping. It is mainly drawn. In our country this part mainly concentrates on the automobile factory, the tractor factory, the aircraft factory and so on big factory, the independent large stamping pull deep factory is rare.

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